Meet a Sampling of our Single State Specialists

Our depth of experience is what sets us apart. With years of tax industry experience in specific states, all of the Single State Specialists at Ashland possess an in-depth working knowledge of their state’s revenue department. Learn more about the expertise that each one of our Single State Specialists brings to the table.

Recognized as an expert in California tax law, Joel Kane brings a wealth of knowledge and real-world experience to Ashland. Combining more than 20 years of experience as a California Auditor and Audit Supervisor with a solid franchise tax background that includes working with Fortune 100 companies, Joel brings a well-rounded, insightful perspective to every project he undertakes.

In his positions as Auditor and Audit Supervisor, Joel was heavily involved in numerous cases in which refunds due taxpayers were determined during the audit process. These efforts included reviewing taxpayer or outside party presentation of adjustments during the audit as well as his own in-depth research and identification of refund issues. Additionally, Joel personally audited and supervised several claims for refund cases resulting in material assessments (after completion of the audit review). This broad experience provides Joel with a unique perspective in identifying refund opportunities as well as tax exposure when reviewing a client file. Joel has been involved with a variety of landmark tax cases, including several reviewed by the United States Supreme Court and California State Supreme Court.

Long considered an expert in all areas of the California return as well as federal tax issues, Joel supervised the major case audit group in the Manhattan (NY) District Office, composed of individuals possessing extensive tax experience at both state and federal levels.

Additionally, Joel was asked to compile and submit to specialized study teams information regarding audit treatments ranging from technical audit issues to the corresponding tax effect of these issues. The main purpose of these studies was to measure the potential revenue loss to the State as a result of adverse legal decisions or changes in statutes, regulations or audit policies.
In numerous cases, Joel was called upon to provide both written and oral support to the State Tax Board legal staff for the purpose of case preparation as well as to the Settlement Bureau staff for use in negotiating issues with taxpayers and their legal representatives.

Additionally, Joel conducted numerous training efforts for the audit staff of the Manhattan District Office, addressing many pertinent topics, e.g., reconciliation of worldwide income, annual report analysis, water’s edge, tax credits, unity of domestic parent, foreign parent, diverse business operations, instant unity issues, foreign currency translation and alternative minimum tax.