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State RAR Adjustment Services

After completion of a federal audit, a company may face the daunting task of amending several years of state tax returns, hundreds in some cases, as well as complying with deadlines as short as 30 days after the finalization of the federal audit. This can be a real challenge. Ashland provides a cost effective alternative for companies facing this task.

One of the unique elements of an Ashland RAR project is pricing. We offer several pricing options to our clients, and in some situations, we are able to recover more state tax during the RAR preparation process than the cost of our fee.

Outsourcing the RAR compliance function by a tax department can offer a company:

  • Cost Savings
  • Greater leverage of staff time
  • Improved reporting
  • Better results

Meeting the deadlines many states impose is often beyond the capacity of normal tax department headcount budget. A distinct benefit we offer our clients is access to deep knowledge resources on state tax laws, developments and practices. These are an intangible benefit. By carefully blending lower cost professionals with our retired former state tax personnel, we offer the best of both worlds—maximum cost savings and true quality assurance.