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State Income & Franchise Tax Recovery

As one of the nation’s most experienced tax recovery firms, Ashland has conducted thousands of state income and franchise tax recovery projects over the past twenty-one years. Our team of highly qualified professionals draws on the company’s experience to conduct engagements for our clients that add value in two important ways: we improve your company’s financial results today by identifying and recovering overpayments and we help you improve future processes by providing you innovative positions for future years. Bottom line impact today and even greater results tomorrow.

With a quarter-century track record of recovering taxes for Fortune 500 and mid-sized companies, Ashland is a trusted supplier of tax services to clients in all business sectors.


Issue Research

Ashland conducts continuous research nationwide with the goal of uncovering specific tax positions reflecting the potential to generate refunds on previously paid taxes and significantly impact ongoing corporate tax liability.

Issue Development

Development of state income and franchise tax issues plays a key role in the process of offering clients creative tax reduction strategies. Typically, Ashland develops a new position and partners with a selected client to propose the new strategy to the state taxing authority. Ashland’s teams, led by former senior level state auditors and state policy personnel, are uniquely positioned because of their prior experience to formulate and present these new positions. Upon approval by a state taxing authority, Ashland Group presents the accepted positions to other clients and prospective clients.

Ashland’s research, plus deeply qualified former state auditors with the experience of conducting reviews of thousands of companies, has allowed us to compile a rich database of refund opportunities available for our clients.