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Tax departments today are under pressure to do more with less. More tax compliance, more tax planning, and increased response requirements to state or federal tax auditors. Add to this the often daunting task of staying abreast of the changing statutes, rules, regulations and court cases (some of which can be applied retroactively) at every level that can significantly impact tax liabilities. All the while, there’s the constant emphasis on accomplishing these duties with less staff and reduced overhead.

In this environment, the simple truth is that tax overpayments occur and refund opportunities remain unclaimed. They occur in almost every corporation, regardless of how skilled and professional the tax staff may be or which outside providers they work with.

Utilizing the services of a very specialized and experienced third-party recovery firm to identify and recover overpayments when they have occurred, while gaining insight into ways to improve your tax processes, is a strategy being pursued by many progressive companies today.

Find out how Ashland can help you save and recover tax dollars that would otherwise be lost and at the same time, provide valuable insight into ways to improve your tax operations.