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Tax Account Analysis & Recovery Services

An Ashland Federal Account Analysis
Can Result in Significant Recoveries

  • Refund claims will not reopen an audit.
  • Our review includes not only interest and penalties related to income tax transactions, but also interest and penalties related to employment and excise tax for the parent and all major subsidiaries.
  • A tax account review by the former lead trainer of the IRS Complex Interest and Penalty Team in Ogden, Utah provides significant benefits for our clients.
  • Periods considered closed may still offer opportunities.
  • All we need are signatures on transcript request forms.
  • Our analysis takes up very little valuable staff time.


  • The rules and regulations regarding interest payments and refunds are among the most complex areas of federal tax law and are often misinterpreted, even by the IRS.
  • Even for tax periods you consider closed, there may still be opportunities to claim a refund – not just for income tax interest, but also for interest and penalties related to employment and excise tax for the parent and all major subsidiaries, all of which we net.
  • Misapplied payments can lead to additional interest and penalties. An account analysis is not only important, so is its timing. The sooner you fully understand your federal tax account status, the better.
  • Statutes of limitation do close, and you may lose the opportunity for recovery.
  • Challenging the computation will not re-open an audit. In fact, interest is handled by a different unit of the IRS than are audits.


Ashland’s former senior-level IRS professionals – with 20 years or more of IRS experience – review your tax position over multiple years and identify all opportunities to recover what you may have overpaid. To successfully recover overpaid interest, you have to know exactly where to look. Our unsurpassed knowledge of this complex area of tax law, as well as IRS regulations and procedures, levels the playing field for our clients and makes the recovery process much easier. We know where to look and have recovered many millions of dollars for clients. If you are concerned that our process will take valuable time away from other mission-critical projects, you have nothing to worry about. Our analysis is non-invasive and requires little more from you than authorization to request the needed transcripts from the IRS.

Ashland’s Federal Interest Recovery Specialists Assist Clients by:

  • Performing a no-cost review of your IRS transcripts. All we need are signatures on two forms to obtain transcripts.
  • Determining if there were computational or other errors and, if so, the amount due from the IRS.
  • Filing all refund claims with the IRS and following up until your refund is received.
  • Defending your request for refund if necessary.
  • Receiving a fee only if and when you receive a refund.


“Significant  taxpayer burden situations occur when the IRS miscalculates penalties and interest.”

“Because of system limitations and human error, the IRS miscalculates the FTP penalty and interest in certain situations that negatively affect many taxpayers each year.”

“The IRS is aware of but has failed to correct many systemic problems that cause penalty and interest miscalculations.”

The bottom line: Do not assume the interest paid to or received from the IRS is correct.


John Boren

Lance Littlejohn