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Federal Tax Recovery

Ashland’s consultants perform comprehensive or limited scope reviews to recover overpayments of federal tax resulting from IRS policy changes, legal or tax law interpretations, court decisions and unpublished taxpayer settlements. Staffed by former senior revenue agents who are experts in their respective field, our consulting team offers you much more than a compliance review. We bring fresh tax ideas and positions that result in the recovery of millions of dollars each year for our clients.

Because our consulting teams travel the country working with major taxpayers, they are exposed to many positions, tax issues and tax challenges that few corporate tax department personnel are able to see. These new ideas, along with the thirty plus years of experience each of our team members bring to each engagement, translate into major tax recoveries benefiting our clients.

Our projects are designed to be as non-intrusive to your tax personnel’s time as possible, and we strive to minimize the disruptions of your department’s day-to-day operations. After our initial meeting, much of our review can be conducted offsite at our offices. All Ashland consultants are experienced in audit techniques and knowledgeable in tax law. This eliminates many questions and requests for information you might normally expect.