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E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company

Description: E.I. du Pont de Nemours is the No. 3 US chemical company. It operates through five business units: coatings (automotive and other coatings), crop protection chemicals, electronic materials, polymers and resins and safety and security materials. It operates in the US (one-third of its business) and internationally in Europe, Asia, Canada and South America.

Sales: $ 31.8 Billion (2008)

Net Income: $ 2.0 Billion (2008)

Employees: 60,000 (2008)

Fortune 500 ranking: No. 81

Home Office: Wilmington, DE

Rob TuinstraManager – State & Local Tax

We found the Ashland team to be very focused. They ran the engagement just the way they said they would with minimal impact on our staff which was very important to us, while finding some really good value…they delivered as promised. They didn’t overpromise, which is a good thing.

They found issues, as they promised, based on their deep expertise, that quite frankly we would have never uncovered… issues that only someone with the specific knowledge of that state would have been able to recognize. We viewed the whole process as a success.

From our perspective, we have a fairly advanced group. We have a lot of expertise ourselves. The best part is that they are offering something that many of their competitors just don’t have, which is a very deep knowledge of a particular jurisdiction through someone who has worked in that particular jurisdiction their whole career. That kind of experience is rare to find.