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Colonial Pipeline Company

Primary Business: Pipeline Transportation

Description: Colonial Pipeline owns and operates one of the nation’s largest pipeline systems. It delivers over 100 million gallons of gasoline and related products to the Eastern and Southern U.S. It is owned by a group of companies including Koch, HUTTS, Shell Pipeline and others.

Sales: $ 824 million (2008)

Net Income: $ 221 Million (2008)

Employees: 634

Home Office: Alpharetta, GA

Trey Almond, CPAAssistant Treasurer

We were very pleased with Ashland. They were very knowledgeable. We have a Big 4 firm doing our work on a regular basis but Ashland found us significant savings, so we were very pleased.

I can tell you the reservations I had before they came in was that they wouldn’t find anything and it would be a waste of time. They really just needed a room, access to the returns and they had some follow up questions. It wasn’t bad. They targeted where they thought they could add some value and they didn’t waste a lot of time. Every state’s different so having someone that’s a real expert in a particular state brings opportunity. I saw it as a way to just check the firm that I had in place doing the work.

I would say that our experience was that they came in, they were easy to work with and they found us some real savings.