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The Coca-Cola Company

Description: Coca-Cola is the world’s No. 1 soft-drink company. It owns four of the top five soft-drink brands and makes or licenses more than 500 drink products in more than 200 nations.

Sales: $ 31.9 Billion (2008)

Net Income: $ 5.8 Billion (2008)

Employees: 90,500 (2008)

Fortune 500 ranking: No. 83

Home Office: Atlanta, GA

Ted Ghiz Senior Tax Counsel

We found the people at Ashland to be very knowledgeable. They came in for a few days, looked at the returns and then went back and provided us with a report. We utilized their information. We were able to look at some things a little differently. The best thing about the process was the relative ease. They were very easy to work with.