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General Electric

Description: General Electric is one of the largest and most diversified technology, media, and financial services corporations in the world. Their products and services range from aircraft engines, power generation, water processing, and security technology to medical imaging, business and consumer financing, media content and industrial products. They serve customers in more than 100 countries and employ more than 300,000 people worldwide. Since its incorporation in 1892, GE has symbolized the success of American business.

Sales: $ 182.5 Billion (2008)

Net Income: $ 17.4 Billion (2008)

Employees: 327,000 (2008)

Fortune 500 ranking: No. 6

Home Office: Fairfield, CT

Jeff Hyde Senior Tax Counsel

We try not to put ourselves in a position where there are recoveries, but we don’t know everything. We know there is stuff out there we are not aware of.

I would describe them as very professional. The fact that they told us that we will come in here for three days and after three days you will know where we are going. They do what they say they are going to do. They are unobtrusive. You don’t even know they are there and they are very willing and open to work with you in whatever way that makes sense based on the resources of the target company. Ashland said this is what it will be, this is what it will take and they were dead on every time.

Ashland has a whole different business model. When I work with the Big Four, there is usually a less focused project in mind…work tends to be more multistate or more policy driven. When you work with Ashland, there is a laser focus.

I would say thank you for a pleasant experience, which leads me to say, let’s do it again when you guys come up with your next great idea.