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Annual Pre-Filing Review

In an effort to accelerate the process of benefiting from a former IRS audit team review, many larger companies are choosing to have Ashland review their federal returns prior to filing. Our Annual Pre-Filing Review offers the following advantages:

  • Immediate benefit can be realized for affirmative issues that are identified (additional deductions, credits and reductions of income)
  • Identification of exposure issues that may increase the risk of audit or assessment
  • Transactions can be identified that may be recharacterized to minimize the tax liability prior to filing the return
  • Pre-Filing Reviews ensure that recent tax breaks are incorporated into the return prior to filing

As with our Federal Tax Recovery Review, we make every effort to minimize client’s staff time in the review process. Because our federal consultants have an average of thirty years of experience auditing Fortune 500 company returns, they are knowledgeable of the issues and tax law and can expedite the review process.